2014- New Improved GREAT PRINT GIJOE Book Identification Guide 2 in 1 DeSimone

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Since I sold out of the first listing of this book, we received another shipment.  Still, I am going to offer a special price on these books (at least for the time being).  So, please get your copy now.

This is a special price for the NEW improved Cardillo-DeSimone Guides. 

(Please note that people typically sell the two volumes separately for $12 each, so here you essentially get both volumes and you only have to carry around one book).    

This makes a GREAT gift and nice coffee table book as well.

I have updated the two books and printed them on a NICE gloss paper.

Initially, I was only allowing 1 copy per person, but with the new shipment, you may buy multiple copies if you would like.

The book basically the Red Book and the Blue Books Combined. minus the 12 inch figures.

The printing is MUCH improved over the 2009 version... (I know that not everyone was happy with the 2009 edition paper that my distributor used, so printed these myself). 

About this Book...

  • Due to  increases in plastic prices Hasbro, manufacturer of the original
  • 12” GIJOE line,  began production of a newer smaller line of figures
  • commonly referred to by  collectors as the GIJOE: A Real American Hero
  • (ARAH) line.  This line of 3 ¾” figures consisted of  single carded
  • figures, figures boxed with larger vehicles or play sets and mail  away and
  • convention exclusives.  The  line is generally considered by collects to
  • span 1982 through 1994.  Hasbro briefly stopped production  introducing
  • both GIJOE Extreme and Sgt. Savage, but both failed to connect with
  • collectors.  In 1997 HASBRO  resurrected a newer line of figures based off
  • the ARAH line.
  • During this time of the ARAH line, James DeSimone, began touring  the
  • country purchasing GIJOE toys and created the G.I. Joe Collectors Club
  • where  he sent news letters to members and later hosted GIJOE Collector
  • Club toy  shows.
  • HASBRO eventually became interested in his efforts and worked in
  • conjunction with him to create these books documenting and categorizing the
  • ARAH  line.  The complete line is  catalogued in two books: the first was
  • published in 1992 and the second  published in 1994.  The books are
  • generally referred to by GI Joe collectors as “The Red Book” and “The
  • Blue Book”  and the two volumes are considered to be the definitive
  • source on GIJOE ARAH and  the ONLY Hasbro licensed book cataloguing each of
  • the figures produced.
  • The books are complete with the exception the absence of a few  figures.
  • Although aware of their  existence and sometimes intimately involved in
  • their production, the following  figures where intentionally omitted by
  • James, but are generally regarded by  collectors as being included in the
  • complete line collection.  The figures are as follows:
  • The first issue of Cobra Commander (1982) referred to GIJOE  collectors as
  • “Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander” due to the design of the Cobra  Emblem
  • on his chest.
  • Three convention figures: Steeler FX (1994), a reproduction of the  1983
  • Steeler that was identical except for the packaging and its availability at
  • the convention that year.  The  denotation “FX” refers to “Florida
  • Extravaganza”.  The Jinx Infiltrate (1994), a figure  that was authorized
  • by Hasbro, but too custom in nature to include in the  book.  The Black
  • Convention Pilot  (1994), identical to figure 531 with the exception of the
  • parachute.
  • Additionally, both the Steel Brigade and Starduster figures where  assumed
  • to have been produced with spare parts creating an unknown number of
  • variations.  It was later noted by  collectors there are five versions of
  • the first issue Steel Brigade and 4  Versions of the first issue
  • Starduster.
  • Other  books: We also suggest that you read the follow up to this book
  • published in  2009 depicting all of GIJOE figures produced from 1982 to mid
  • 2006.  The book bares the same name as the red  book, but the publish date
  • is listed as 2009.  We also suggest that you pick up a copy  of Mark
  • Bellomo’s books which show great pictures of the vehicle lines and
  • provide much content on the figures themselves.