(36) Stink Bombs - Stinky Glass Gag Prank Fart Joke (1 case of 36)

Brand: scodeal

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Feature :

Each order placed is for a wholesale display case of 36 TOTAL stink bombs (12 boxes - 3 glass stink bombs to a box) This case of 36 stink bombs are sure to gross out your intended victims. Just throw them on the ground and watch everybody run. YES, I really mean run~! These smell just like rotten eggs - BUT WORSE! Buy multiple cases and save on shipping as you will want to do this prank many times~!

Any stink item always works best indoors vs. outdoors, the more you use the stronger the smell, the smaller the space the more it will stink. We have been selling our stink bombs on eBay for 14 years and have yet to have a single customer not love them! Please see our eBay store for more prank stink items we carry all at wholesale silly low prices~!

Comes brand new / with colored retail box
Each order comes with 36 total stink bombs
A all around classic prank to do!