Callaway FT Fairway Wood (Draw)

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Product Description A product of propriety Fusion Technology. A stainless steel face and body combine with the tungsten-infused sole to enable strategic positioning of discretionary weight for a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) and precise positioning of the center of gravity Fueled by Fusion and feared by the fairway, the Callaway FT fairway wood delivers the utmost in performance and playability. The FT fairway wood represents the latest evolution of Fusion Technology, a multi-material process that gives Callaway Golf engineers ample freedom of design. Combining a stainless-steel face and body with a tungsten-infused sole plate, Fusion Technology allows Callaway Golf engineers to strategically place the center of gravity (CG) in the perfect spot, helping the club produce optimal ball flight trajectories and shot-shaping control. Callaway also added a dual-runner sole design, which offers a lower leading edge to make the sweet spot more accessible to players of various skill levels (the dual-runner design also interacts cleaner with the turf to produce more flushed shots). And golfers will love the traditionally styled stainless-steel hosel, which creates a level of performance and customization that appeals to everyone from relative beginners to low handicappers. Callaway's high-performance FT fairway woods produce optimal ball flight trajectories. Callaway's Fusion Technology Fusion Technology employs a philosophy called Complete Inertial Design (CID), in which Callaway engineers considered all of the club's characteristics collectively and created a design that balances those characteristics while optimizing performance. The key to CID is to avoid focusing on one characteristic at the expense of the club's overall performance. One major element of CID, for example, is to increase the stability of the clubhead, which is measured in terms of MOI. By raising the MOI on both the vertical and horizontal axes, and by positioning the weight to the perimeter of the clubhead, Callaway engineers were able to add stability to balls struck around the edges of the clubface. And because the clubhead rotates less during these swings, golfers lose less ball speed--helping the ball travel longer distances--and the ball goes straighter on off-center hits. In addition, Callaway included an OptiFit Weighting System in the FT fairway wood, letting golfers choose a club that suits their specific swings by offering three center of gravity (CG) locations in most lofts: draw, to promote a draw or reduce a slice/fade; neutral, for maximum workability; or fade, to promote a fade or reduce a hook/draw. For example, if you naturally leave the clubface open at impact and hit a fade or slice, the draw-weighting configuration will create corrective spin to counteract that flaw. The result is straighter and longer shots. In the process, Callaway still preserves the playability benefits of S2H2 and Tru-Bore technologies. S2H2 is a patented design that shortens the length of the hosel, allowing the weight to move lower and to the more useful perimeter weight of the clubhead. Callaway further improved the design by allowing the shaft tip to extend through the hosel and clubhead to the sole. This bore-through design improves the feel and control of the club, helping you swing with confidence every round.

  • Fusion Technology
  • OptiFit Weighting System
  • Dual Runner Sole Design
  • Traditional Hosel