Callaway Golf Balls SuperHot Bold Matte Finish 15 Pack Orange, Red, Yellow NEW

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Superhot BOLD MATTE Cover :
  • High-visibility, MATTE cover color creates greater contrast between the golf ball and surroundings for enhanced shot tracking
  • Proven Aerodynamics Maximize Distance
  • Aerodynamic design built for low drag and optimal lift to keep the ball in the air longer with a strong flight
  • Results in long distance off the driver and all the way through the short irons.
Increased Short Game Spin and Control --
  • 3-piece construction features a soft cover to deliver increased spin and control around the green
  • Low compression Polybutadiene core lets golfers compress the ball on iron shots for long, straight flight
  • Callaway’s proprietary High-Energy Core chemistry combines distance-enhancing energy and great feel
  • Ionomer cover formulation pairs with HPF Ionomer mantle layer to limit spin and reduce hooks/slices
  • Super long distance golf ball perfect for golfers who want to hit the ball a lot farther
  • HEX Surface Geometry dimple pattern generates long, penetrating and stable flight
  • 332-dimple pattern creates complete coverage for optimized accuracy and control
  • 3-piece design provides the ideal blend of distance, accuracy and feel
  • 15 Pack