Cobra Baffler Rail H 5 Hybrid 28* (Fujikura, LADIES) Rescue

Brand: Cobra

Product Code: 73-D55F-NL19

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The Cobra Baffler Rail H is Cobra's premiere long-iron-replacing utility club. Like the Cobra woods in this family, the Rail H sports 9-points technology, with a high-strength steel face insert supporting a thin, springy face with a maximized sweet-spot for longer, straighter shots, whether you hit the ball right on the mark or a little bit off center. Specific to the Baffler Rail is this optimized rail sole design that reduces turf interaction. So, when you're hitting the hybrid out of more difficult lies, like we often do, you'll get a better strike on the ball, making it easier to hit overall.Features:Shaft: Fujikura GraphiteHeadcover: Included - MatchingGrip: Lamkin 0.580 P

  • Cobra
  • Baffler Rail H
  • Right-Handed
  • Lady