New KitchenAid RFGA Food/Nut Meat Grinder Stand Mixer Attachment REFURBISHED fga

Brand: scodeal

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Feature :

This tool increases the fun factor of your KitchenAid stand mixer several times over. Toss cubes of meat into the food tray, stomp 'em down, and watch the results wriggle out the front. Grind your own beef or chicken for patties or tacos. Blend your own sausage mixtures, from breakfast to boudin blanc. With additional attachments, you can turn it into a pasta maker or a sausage stuffer. It's easy to assemble and use. Most parts are dishwasher-safe; hand wash the grinding blades, food stomper, and cutting knife.

Product Description
Need bread crumbs? Or perhaps you like making your own lamb, chicken or pork burgers, or sausages? Then again maybe you make baby food at home to avoid artificial ingredients? For all of these tasks you can enlist the help of your powerful KitchenAid stand mixer thanks to this fabulous attachment.