PING Sigma 2 Tyne 4 Platinum Putter (PING PP60 Pistol Putter Grip - Midsize)

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Bring a new level of performance to your short game with a PING Sigma 2 Putter. A Dual-Durometer Insert combines two hardnesses of PEBAX material to enhance performance on both short and long putts. Tour-proven True Roll face technology utilizes grooves that vary in width and depth to unlock consistent performance and distance control. Industry-first adjustable shaft length technology -- concealed within the grip – helps golfers find their optimal fit.

  • Sigma 2 Tyne 4 Model: Maintains the stability and ease of alignment found in the original Tyne, re-created with heel shaft placement; Short hosel design offers a distinctive – and most player-preferred – aesthetic at the time of address; Unique winged mallet profile with a heavier, 370g head creates smoother tempo and short putt consistency; Heel-shafted balance targets golfers with an increased amount of rotation during the putting stroke
  • Dual-Durometer PEBAX Insert with True Roll Face Pattern: Designed for golfers who prefer a blend of softer response and firm face performance; Dual-Durometer insert combines two hardnesses of PEBAX material for player-preferred feel; Softer front layer ensures greater precision for those shorter, more delicate, must-make putts; Firmer back layer offers the solid feedback and distance control required for longer-range putts
  • Simple, Intuitive Shaft Length Adjustment: PING’s research indicates 8 out of 10 golfers are playing with a putter that is the wrong length; Industry-first adjustable shaft length technology – concealed within grip – adapts length between 32” – 36”; Adjustment tool inserts into the top of the grip and modifies the length in ¼” increments with a full turn of dial; Affords golfers the ability to experiment with length until they’re comfortable, ideally with eyes directly over ball
  • PING PP60 Pistol Putter Grip – Midsize: Consistent pistol shape naturally fits into fingers for more consistent grip pressure in both hands; Foam under-listing dampens excess vibration at impact to provide soft, player-preferred response; Soft, tacky polymer construction with a deep link surface pattern enables comfort and wear resistance; Core Size: .580” | Weight: 50.5g | Installed Size: Midsize Putter
  • Adjustable 32-36 Inch